Monday, May 26, 2008

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Letters - January 30, 2008

In about ten years, go with me to Greece to see the Parthenon. Current reconstruction should be completed by then and it's one of the most amazing pieces of ancient architecture.


Meanwhile, do click on the "detail" link for that Puella Animo Aureo painting by Mark Ryden. There's a detail of the books; read the titles on their spines.

If I were to do a symbolic self portrait, one that represented my overall nature, that painting would be it. The girl would look different but the components would essentially be the same.

I particularly like how she stands atop Chaos. That relationship evokes all sorts of associations for me, personal and archetypal. I unfortunately don't have the time or space to share them here -- perhaps one day, I hope.

Much love,
Poly D.

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