Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Igor Melnikov - Hidden In Plain Sight - Where You Find Me, You Still Find Me Not

"When people weep in the presence of Melnikov’s paintings, it is not from pathos but from recognition of a forgotten part of themselves."

One of my favorite artists is Igor Melnikov.

In his own words... "For me, these are not portraits of children, but portraits of human souls... The face of an adult is biography; the face of a child is metaphysics."

Hide and Seek

In and Old Doll's Dream


"I don't like poetic generalizations, particularly about my own work. But, if I can dare to qualify the subject that interests me most of all, it is this: the little, weak human beings coming into this huge, brutal, senseless world, and being unwanted, uninteresting, and unloved by anyone. Ultimately, the existential conflict is expressed most clearly as the awakening conscience of the little human being in the face of the cosmos."

One of my favorite paintings by Melnikov is titled "Julia and Universe." I can't find an image of it anywhere on the web. If you happen to find one, contact me.

For more insight into this highly sensitive, perceptive artist, I recommend downloading and reading this pdf: Hidden In Plain Sight - The Art of Igor Melnikov


chrome3d said...

Those paintings are clearly very good. Good light and textures. There is no feeling of my childhood in those however. I guess I don´t remember the bad things anymore.

Polydora said...

"There is no feeling of my childhood in those however."

I wanted to write "consider yourself blessed," but then hesitated. I definitely wouldn't want to diminish the value of having such feelings in childhood. In my case they certainly sensitized me to the world in a way that hips me to all the many small things of wonder and beauty that all too often slip through the cracks. So in the end it becomes my gift and my strength, not just my weekness or my wound.
But it is surely all simultaneously.

smoore said...

very beautiful and haunting imagery, AM. thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

I believe that his photo's perhaps stir in us a repressed event or event's from our childhood that have some very traumatic elements and one could even say a re-play of our Karma!?

Polydora said...

That's a very intriguing perspective--a re-play of karma. I definitely sense that at some level. I shall ponder it.

Thanks, Anonymous.

Side note: I just noticed a typo in my original comment. Should be weakness, not weekness! lol. I know, I should let it go, but seeing it there bothers me. Had to address it. :)