Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Die Nebensonnen. Herbet Pfostl

Last night I sang "moon, moon, moon" with an owl perched in the fir tree.

The Things of This World. Herbet Pfostl

I watched the Perseid meteor shower, tails burning the sky, held my nearly full grown son in my lap and laughed and sang and whooped and hooted in delight and in awe and appreciation.

It was a perfect night under the stars, among a stand of trees and the lone owl's hoo, hoo, hoo.

"Thank you," I said out loud.
"Thank you," I said silently.
"Do you feel lonely, too?" I asked

Thank you.

More works by Herbert Pfostl:
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Jen said...

Lucky! There's so much light pollution in the city that there was nothing to see. I'm glad you guys were able to enjoy it!!

ross b said...

That's a beaut story.

There is such fulfillment & connectedness in communing with nature, and with it, innocence and joy.

I find in communicating to the natural earth it gives back to me twofold, and though I'm often alone, I am never lonely.

I feel loved,

and loving.

3brainer said...

Ahhh, the owls! They are the mysterious silent birds of night. They know everything about darkness. What a joy for you and Khalan. I am happy you had that experience and even happier you shared it with your sweet son.

Lovely post. Nice art too!

Anonymous said...


Quality time, dancing between solitude and lonliness,
while your lad, grows into a man right there before your eyes!
one can wonder at the small parts that make up the word lonliness,
it is a hunger for another time, and situation ?
somtimes I feelhomesick for a home ive never been to,
My Ultimate Vision of who I can be...so lonliness?
Is it not like a form of energy, like petrol, or somthng that motivates us to sculpt our lives, rapidly so that we may realise our dreams in the quality time we have left...
the same Moon was hovering above my yard last night, so bright up there...Id sing too , if I were where you were...

Polydora said...

"somtimes I feelhomesick for a home ive never been to,"

It's a feeling I used to have when watching the stars from my car as a teenager. I felt lonely for them... lonely for 'home.' And they feel lonely for us, too; that is, for us to see them and come back to them.

So that night, as we lay watching the meteor shower, I remembered that feeling. And the stars were happy that we were there to recognize them and reflect just a little sliver of their light back.