Monday, November 17, 2008

Cold Art Crash

Unless you're a seasoned collector with the cold hard cash, good luck.

From The New York Times, Art & Design:

"Night after night, collectors and dealers tentatively watched as paintings by Monet and Matisse, Bacon and Warhol went unsold. "
Read full article: In Faltering Economy, Auction Houses Crash Back to Earth, by Carol Vogel


3brainer said...

I have always felt that these huge art auction houses were a big scam anyway. One look at Damien Hirst's heist for that crap he calls art and the truth about the industry is clear. IMHO we need to be supporting art in schools, art scholarships, art therapy and art with social conscience with all that money that the wealthy spend. But then again, I have a couple of socialist bones in my body. (No, I'm not telling which!)

Polydora said...

you're so cute. good points... all.