Thursday, February 26, 2009

Time No Longer Loves You

Between Here And Now
Germán Herrera

courtesy of Wood S Lot Blog


ScaughtFive said...

Very nice. I like.

A.M. said...

I swear I've seen an animation of this image somewhere, but maybe I dreamt it.

Thought you'd like it. I hesitated on the post title. When I finally settled on something ambiguous yet unequivocal, I thought of you. Not that you're either and I know that ambiguous paired w/ unequivocal may seem like an oxymoron, but in the case of this title it's not: love is inherently ambiguous, that time no longer loves is not.

Anyhoo, it seemed to express a darker cynicsism, which I often find in your poems--which is itself good in that it offers a balanced perspective: life isn't always sweet. You often, very sweetly mind you, remind your readers of this. I like that combination.

ScaughtFive said...

Darker cynicsism comes out of my pores only because it's dark up here most of the time. I'm a smiley smile cheeba pet when left in the desert.

A.M. said...

"I'm a smiley smile cheeba pet when left in the desert."

Yes, I've seen you smile and it wasn't even in the desert.

More cheeba for everyone. That's my wish.

ScaughtFive said...

Oh christ! I mean CHIA pet! I am truly so meta in my slip ups though.

A.M. said...

Perfect slip up. It provided a puntastic opportunity: More Cheeba (pet) or Morcheeba (the band)?

Depending on the day, one might want more of both.