Sunday, August 2, 2009

German Herrera - Between Here & Now

"Most of these images were felt, not thought. The reason for their creation is because they can be created.

Creative Principle at work, playing. I point in a certain direction for the viewer to complete the equation; she/he may recognize some aspect of the self in the piece, if so, two parts of the whole have communicated.

They are glimpses into The Vastness where everything comes from."

-- German Herrera

German Herrera Between Here And Now (Click on title at top of page to view slide show.) Or visit the artist's website:

Germán Herrera (b. Mexico City, 1957) has had a long career as a photographer, working in both the tradition of the street photographer and as a constructor of symbolic images. The works on exhibition here, produced since 2001, represent an artist who has established a mature, richly eloquent voice. Using digital technology he merges images of an array of common and enigmatic objects, natural elements, historic references, and textures and atmospheres. In doing so, he conjures a world that is at once wholly real and imagined – a chronicle of the subconscious. Many photographers working with the formats of constructed imagery or photomontage do so with a keen sense of intentionality, as a means of conveying a specific statement or idea. Herrera, in contrast, relies greatly on intuition and emotion, more interested in the possibility of locating meaning outside the arenas or pure intellect and reason. READ FULL ARTICLE by Elizabeth Ferrer at De Santos Gallery.

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aisthesis said...

where did you find this amazing stuff? i only made it about halfway through before i broke down into tears ...

weird that one photo just aroused my curiosity, but when you see the whole (incredibly diverse) sequence with that amazing music ... i'm completely floored!