Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lullaby on Broadway

I watched Gold Diggers of 1935 with my daughter a few weeks ago. As some of you know, she's a fan of musicals and of any classic black and white film that includes dance numbers. She started ballet and tap classes this year. Now whenever we watch musicals I catch her watching the dancers' feet, and see her making that connection between the rhythm, the steps and the movement of her own body. And usually she'll get up and dance before the song is over, trying it out for herself.

There were two numbers from the film I particularly loved. The first, "Lullaby on Broadway," is classic '30s art deco--very surreal and the set reminds me of a Maxfield Parish painting. Youtube didn't have a clip of the number in its entirety, but I did find it in two parts, which I've posted here. I don't recall what the tune was for the other number I really liked, but it involves this beautifully intricate piano choreography that just, well, blew my mind. I may see if I can find it later today, after I've completed some work.


SusuPetal said...

I understand your daughter!

I've always loved those old musicals, especially Busby Berkeley's choreography never stops to amaze me!
The settings in the movies please the eye, black and white functionalism, almost neosurrealism.

Tap dancing is fun, I went to classes for 7 years a long, long time ago.

A.M. said...

BB's choreography is astounding, even to this contemporary eye. I don't think we've seen such magnificent, artistically choreographed musical numbers since. Neosurrealistic--absolutely.

Do you ever get up and 'tap' for the heck of it, Susu? I like the image that conjures.

Warm thoughts to you from across the way... AM