Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Time Which is Built into My Body

Maya Deren in her own words. One to listen to more than watch.

(Duration: 4:25)

Maya Deren - A Study In Choreography For Camera (2:13)


3brainer said...

I am not able to watch videos at this time (roaming charges!) but do know Maya Deren's work. However, in response to your lovely unpoem:

this time
tick tock
in my heart
like water on a rock
rush rush
into the unknown
my blood
flowing home
with the moon
water rises
I fall
to sleep
for another thousand years
erode my beliefs
turn me to stone
grind me in the wind
and wash away again
another day
the sun rises
and all of us
the stuff of stars
recognize light
when we see it
tick tock tick tock
like water on the rock

Polydora said...

Roaming charges! Ah ha! I think that's par for the "gypsy" course, eh?

Polydora said...

btw: Did you write that on the spot? It's thoroughly brilliant!

hugs... :)

3brainer said...

yep on the spot under the influence of a couple of amber beers. we're trying to finish off the liquor before going into canada. hahaha silly us, stocked up on fruit and liquor. sometimes these things just come out or through or whatever.