Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Glam Rocks The Art World in Dario Robleto's "Alloy of Love"

"Robleto continues to tell the history of popular music that relies on complex and intertwined degrees of separation. In the case of I've Kissed Your Mother Twice and Now I'm Working on Your Dad, the cast of an antique lipstick holder is crafted from three melted records: David Bowie's Rock 'n' Roll Suicide, The New York Doll's Trash, and The Sex Pistols' God Save the Queen. The choice of these specific records highlights the connection that exists among them as anthems of Glam Rock and the gender bending tactics of their lead singers and horde of followers. While the origin of the piece is from the world of popular music, the craftsmanship of the lipstick holders evokes the artistry and skill of previous generations' metallurgical designs."

From New Frontiers 3: Dario Robleto at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, December issue 1999.

I had the good fortune of seeing I've Kissed Your Mother Twice and Now I'm Working On Your Dad recently at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle. It is part of the exhibit "Dario Robleto: Alloy of Love," a 10-year survey of Robleto's career, currently on view through January 25, 2009, at the Tang Teaching Museum at Skidmore College, New York.

For more information on "Alloy of Love" visit: Art Beat

1 comment:

Andy JC of OZ said...

It appears to be High Camp art,
And the Blasphemy of destroying 3 Records that I personally have an Emotional connection, gets a reaction from me , But its more repusion of deccadance, I am such a socialist at heart, and waste and excess, make me a little pissed, and a lil frustrated
I dont care where a bloke sticks his dick, but that whole performance, ritual hi camp, 'Fall of rome' excessive, ACT, 'they' put on or even beleive they are,
Its like GIMMEE a F'N break,
This Art opitimises this

So yes he's done well to get a reation from me, and its way better than no reaction