Friday, December 26, 2008

Visual Culture: The High Heel

A sexy, informative visual history of the rise of the shoe heel and its feminine attributes.

Fashion bound: Behind the scenes with Rodarte.


A.M. said...

I am going to a party this evening and I'm going to wear my silky, summery, mod girl bullseye dress and 4-inch heels. I may suffer for the sake of beauty, but tonight, after watching these videos, I'm going relish it!!!!!

(Let that r trill and roll off your tongue as you read the word relish!)

I'm feeling saucy. Betta watch out!

Andy JC of OZ said...

I think I understand where Shoe fetishists are coming from now...

THE Sacrifices women have made for men, in this process of life,
through history,
Astounds me,
And I am in awe, over this...
All of you women that go to an effort, to look the OPPOSITE of a man,
This keeps our species going, I believe...
When I see women out on the town, on a cold night, wearing somthing simple and small, and cOLD!
Do you think I dont notice what she is going through,?
And the respect I feel is profound...
For men, for us, Looking Hot,
Looking Chic, Looking Amazing, Captivating, Alluring,

It's a sacrifice..

sure i know its for you too, but Im still in complete AWE...

A great Blog 'TB'

ross b said...

Nice colours and great backdrops, I particularly like the green shoes!!

Patricia Fielding came to Australia recently, I saw her on TV being interviewed.

I wonder if that's her apartment she's being interviewed in this video, it looks very cosy, me like!

Hope it was a great party!

ScaughtFive said...

High heels. Yup they even make David Johansen and Johnny Thunders look good!

ScaughtFive said...

I watched it all finally. It's kinda J.G. Ballard-like, really. High heels are one of those manufactured objects that bodies make slight contortions to conform to their irregular shape and bang! some kinda sex appeal. It can go alot farther than this, yes.