Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Garden of Neo-Gothic Surrealist Delights

"Test film for an experimental stop motion animation of gothic surrealism (work in progress). The main puppet(video thumbnail) is hand made from Sculpey polymer clay, cheese cloth, cotton balls,and an Armaverse phase 4 humature frame. The other objects (Angels, ect.) are from my collection of props.

This film was shot with a Nizo 561 camera and Tri-X film. Soundtrack by NIN."


Brothers Quay animated video for "Are We Still Married" by His Name is Alive.



smoore said...

Great stuff, AM!

rareworlds said...

great post!

i post that are we still married on occasion whenever i'm feeling particularly despairing about marriage. lol

A.M. said...

Hey there, Rareworlds (aka M)! Regarding "Are We Still Married" --I find it enchanting, both visually and lyrically. I love that you post it periodically.