Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jan Svankmajer: Dimensions of Dialogue

We're human. Inevitably, and all too quickly I might add, it just gets messy.


Part deux of a 12 minute long stop motion animation, created in 1982 by the Czech surrealist artist Jan Ĺ vankmajer.


ross b said...

This is terrific! We have his work in the library, a video documentary, plus a couple of books I think. He's particularly popular with the Production Craft students.

Hope you're well, I get the impression you've been very busy with work recently,

Kinds, Ross

A.M. said...

Unfortunately I'm not really familiar with Svankmajer's body of work. I'd seen this one many years ago and was quite excited to happen upon it by way of a Brothers Quay search.

I'm going to definitely look up some of his other films when I get the chance.

And, yes, very busy these days. It's tax time. ugh.


pfft. :)

smoore said...

I've got a collection of his shorts on dvd that you can borrow. I've never seen this particular one, though- thanks for sharing!

rareworlds said...

isn't svankmajer's great! we're crazy about his work and the quay brothers who you know apprenticed with him.

A.M. said...

I'm right with ya, M. Love the Quay Brothers work. Fortuitously, through them, I also discovered that I'm a lover of Svankmajer! It's a pleasure to rediscover a piece from one's past, especially when it carries with it the extra good fortune of being able to now attach, with permanency, a name to the work I've so admired, but which had passed into the ephemera of my mind!