Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Portrait - Louise Gluck

One of my fovorite poets.


A child draws the outline of a body.
She draws what she can, but it is white all through,
she cannot fill in what she knows is there.
Within the unsupported line, she knows
that life is missing; she has cut
one background from another. Like a child,
she turns to her mother.

And you draw the heart
against the emptiness she has created.

First Four Books - Louise Gluck


ScaughtFive said...

I do like this but you need to put something new up so I can get more ideas.

A.M. said...

LOL. Just living life and not much to say or share these days. All my time slips into the gaping maw of work. And when I'm not working, I'm taking care of sick kids, processing, or working on 'other stuff.'

Perhaps some new stuff soon. Glad you like LG, anyway.