Monday, September 15, 2008

Guest Entry - Lost in A Storm

A special thank you to the author of the blog Why Paisley?? for granting permission to repost this one here.

perched upon this parapet
this mortuary mine
i weep poseidon’s saline tears
‘neath somber scudding sky

as moisture inundated clouds
exhale, sedna’s
plankton perfumed breath
and agitated artic gales
pass o’re her frozen lips

left anchored in abandon
aloft, this landlocked
margin of death
inflicted fallen fortress
turned, skeletal
black crows nest


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More poems by this author can be found at Just Paisley


paisley said...

i am honored that you chose to showcase this piece on your page... thank you so much for your ever important vote of confidence..... sometimes just knowing someone read what i wrote is enough,, but knowing that you liked it enough to reprint it here,, is really special... thank you so much....

Polydora said...

It is a strong, beautiful poem. The honor is all mine!

ScaughtFive said...

Wish I could write like that. Nice.

Polydora said...

You've got some good ones too, S, from what I recall. :)